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*NEW* Property Management Service in Clifton

Uncategorized Posted by Phae Vlahos on 10 October 2016 Return to News & Events

Air 360 by Quarter formally known as Clifton Hotels, has announced their new venture called Air 360, offering residents of Bristol an affordable, hassle free Airbnb property management service with the promise of increasing your property’s revenue.

The rising demand for short term, affordable accommodation has led many home-owners to see the potential in earning more through renting their spare rooms and empty properties. Since Airbnb’s launch in 2008, they have given hosts an international platform on which to put their properties in front of millions of potential travelers to cities all over the world including Bristol.

Air 360’s comprehensive service provides the set up of a host profile, enquiries, bookings, cleaning, laundry, a 24 hour emergency number and most importantly a devoted reservations and marketing team armed with an efficient pricing strategy.

The company is offering two separate pricing models to suit every landlord. The simple percentage pricing model of 12% commission on booking revenue means that the company is only making money if host is. The other option available is the fixed rate model, the company are so confident they can rent out your home they also offer a guaranteed monthly rent offering a dependable set income and peace of mind.

More than 50 years experience in the hospitality industry has equipped Air 360 with the extensive operational framework needed for property management as well as being led by an experienced team who understand the driving forces behind guest satisfaction.

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