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New Designs For The WH Smith Site

News, Village News Posted by jordan keogh on 1 January 2018 Return to News & Events

Councillors Paula O’Rourke and Jerome Thomas have been working closely with Peter Tisdale from THAT group on the redesign of the proposed development in the old WH Smith site.

As each proposal was submitted to English Heritage, they regularly viewed the designs, commenting on each new version, as it developed.

They now feel that they have a design which we can support. However, they are keen to hear your views.

There will be another formal consultation, which we will make sure you know about, however, in the meantime, they would like you to look at the three images attached and let them know your general feelings about them.

What do we think has been improved?
While they know that the development will not please everybody in every way, they think that the following changes are really positive;

The total size has been reduced by over one third
The stepped frontage is less dominant
The columns will be in Bath stone and are substantial
The terraces, with planting, are pleasing
The canopies soften the effect
The public realm is well-designed.

Please reply to clifton@bristolgreenparty.org.uk to let Councillors Paula O’Rourke and Jerome Thomas know your views.

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