Meghan Markle Comes to Clifton Village

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Prince Harry’s’ fiancée Meghan Markle has arrived in Clifton Village, as a new feature on the village’s royal phone box.

TV star and artist Timmy Mallett has added the soon-to-be princess to the special phone box in The Mall Gardens. American actress Meghan has been painted wrapped in a Union Jack and joins other members of the royals on the box, including her husband-to-be Harry in a Usain Bolt style pose, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on her mobile with a pram and The Queen with her corgi.

The Royal Standard is draped over the top and the fourth side features a Union Jack.

Timmy’s royal telephone box which was previously sited outside Windsor Castle, where the couple are due to marry, and the Royal Albert Hall was moved to Clifton, earlier this year and has become a main attraction in the village.

So far thousands of people have had their photograph taken with the box, with many sharing their snaps on social media.Timmy painted the box five years ago in aid of Childline’s anniversary. It has been on public show since 2012 at London’s Royal Albert Hall, the O2 Arena and outside Windsor Castle.

Clifton Village is the first place outside of London where the unusual artwork has gone on show.

Clarence House announced the engagement of Prince Harry to the American actress on Monday, November 27. Timmy, a keen artist who exhibits his work all over the UK, said: “As Meghan is soon to be a royal princess I thought it was only right that she should feature on the royal phone box.”

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