Vaults Tour of Clifton Supsension Bridge Launched

BID Clifton Village, Community, Village news Posted by Clifton BID on 08 July 2016 Return to News & Events

The Clifton Suspension Bridge Hard Hat Tour is a two hour experience which begins at the Clifton Toll Booth on the Bristol side of the bridge. During the tour, you will learn about the construction and discovery of the huge red brick abutments which support the bridge towers before donning a hard hat and high vis jacket and exploring two of the twelve vaulted chambers inside the massive two-storey Leigh Woods abutment. Construction of the abutment began in the mid 1830s under Brunel’s watchful eye and was completed by 1840. However, no construction drawings survived and as the vaults were sealed, their existence was not rediscovered until 2002! Renovation works have recently been completed and we invite you to join us to become some of the first members of the public to step inside!

Visits must be pre-booked and cost £10 per person, plus £1.74 booking fee. Tickets go on sale at 9.00am on Monday 11th July.

Monday 25th July, 11am – 1pm

Monday 25th July, 12 noon – 2pm

Monday 8th August, 11am – 1pm

Monday 8th August, 12 noon – 2pm

Friday 26th August, 1pm – 3pm

Friday 26th August, 2pm – 4pm

Wednesday 7th September, 1pm – 3pm

Wednesday 7th September, 2pm – 4pm

Wednesday 21st September, 11am – 1pm

Wednesday 21st September, 12 noon – 2pm

Friday 7th October, 11am – 1pm

Friday 7th October, 12 noon – 2pm