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The Clifton Imposter

Music & Live Show Posted by Pete Crawford on 14 July 2021 Return to News & Events

The Clifton Impostor:

A Visit From ‘Sir Richard Smyth’ and Family 


Eastenders has the Mitchells, Bristol had the Smyths of Ashton Court.  Meet Bristol’s leading family for over 400 years when they visit Clifton village on Sunday 8 August 2021 from 11am to 4pm.

Hugh, Florence, Esme, Greville and Emily Smyth will grace the village with their presence, talk to the locals and find out how things are today in ‘Clifton on the Hill’.

You’ll also meet ‘Sir Richard’ who lived at Clifton’s St Vincent’s Priory.  In the 1850s ‘Sir Richard’ announced he was the rightful heir to Ashton Court and told the family to get out.  The court case that followed was so famous Charles Dickens used it in one of his books.  ‘Sir Richard Smyth’ will also visit to make sure people know the truth.

In June Show Of Strength staged THE MANSION THROUGH TIME at Ashton Court, a new, outdoor show with seven actors playing the Smyths and their staff.  On Sunday 8 August the Smyths visit Clifton, from high born to low born, from Civil War to Second World War, from Queen Elizabeth I to Queen Elizabeth II and from first resident Hugh Smyth to Esme Smyth – the last.


Sheila Hannon, Show of Strength’s Creative Producer, explains:

“Ashton Court is one of Britain’s best loved parks, but the history of the family who lived there is a hidden gem known by very few. Their stories, trials and tribulations are truly remarkable.”