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Crime and Crinolines in Clifton

News Posted by Pete Crawford on 5 May 2021 Return to News & Events

See these Historical walks around Clifton. Having attended this walk last year I strongly recommend booking up.
The walks were also featured in the evening Post on the 30//4/21, see attached.

Clifton is ‘The handsomest suburb in Europe’ said John Betjeman.

Our new tour reveals the extraordinary people behind the elegant facades.

Fabulous buildings, scenery and stories: a jilted barmaid’s brush with death; a runaway Empress; the only forger sentenced to death to keep his head and have it on a banknote; and the Georgian terrace that housed the Holy Grail.

Starting and ending in the village, Clifton will never look the same again.

Tour takes place outdoors.

Adults only. Social distancing must be observed. All our walks conform to the latest government regulations re Covid 19 with full risk assessments carried out. We’ll start with a maximum of 15 people per walk. Maximum 6 people to walk together, 2m gaps between self-identified groups comprising 1-6 people.

Cost: £12, advance booking only

Lasts: approx. 2 hours

Dates & Times: 6pm every Wednesday and 4pm every Sunday from 14 April 2021.

See ‘Select Showing’ to choose your tour.

@WeirdBristol on Twitter ‘Another triumph from Show Of Strength. Consistently and magnificently superb. A joyful celebration of our finest suburb. I loved every moment.’

Reviews for previous tours include, “uncanny and macabre, cracking script, consummate performer” – Bristol Life Mag

And “as good as the best London walks” – audience member

Awards include Best Live Performance, Creative Bath Awards 2017; Best of Bristol 2018: Theatre, Bristol24/7

Regular updates on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/showofstrength/

Collect the set with our THEATRE WALKS in Bedminster, Harbourside, and Bath – and 2 new ones coming in 2021. All tours available for private bookings www.showofstrength.org.uk info@showofstrength.org.uk

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