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Clifton College – Free Clifton Revolution Cycling taster sessions! Powered by fox!

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Clifton Revolution – Bristol’s Premier Cycling Studio Has Arrived

It can be frustrating working at your fitness and feeling you’re not reaching your goals. Three things help ensure you’ll get results and stay motivated: doing something specifically designed to efficiently get results, having a fun experience that gets you hooked, and thirdly, tracking the results you get.

Clifton Revolution is a dedicated indoor cycling studio which opened on the 1st May in Guthrie Road as part of Clifton College and is powered by Fox Cycling, using the latest in studio cycling bikes and heartrate tracking technology from MyZone, as well as expert Fox Cycling instructors.

Heartrate tracking is a way to monitor intensity, not only to ensure you’re staying safe with your workout, but also to increase the efficiency of the time you spend exercising. With this technology, fitness classes can be specifically tailored to enable riders to get the maximum benefit out of each minute.

“The Fox Cycling approach is innovative,” says Angela Reed-Fox, Fox Cycling’s fitness nurse. “We’ve taken every aspect of the cycling session apart, and developed a more scientific, evidence-based process which makes it more enjoyable and effective for everyone. Cycling is low impact, so it’s particularly good for those getting into fitness for the first time (or getting back into it), and those with joint issues or previous injuries – and because riders can go at their own pace without requiring any sense of rhythm, it’s great for those who lack confidence. We also have different categories of classes tailored so riders can achieve different goals.”

The three categories are:

* Blue – a steadier pace designed to burn fat, build core strength, reduce blood pressure and build cardiovascular fitness. Excellent also for those with hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and those wanting to reduce their cardiovascular and diabetes risk.

* Red – a more intense class ideal for those wanting to further increase their fitness. ‘Challenges’ are included to increase muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance – great for toning muscles and speeding up the metabolism.

* Black – classes for more advanced riders. They’re aimed at increasing explosive strength, pushing up lactate threshold and enabling the rider to train harder for longer, improving performance.

Each session includes cardio tracking from MyZone. “This is a super-engaging, fun element, but also, it enables a safer workout,” continues Angela. “We’ve had a few instances where the technology picked up cardiac anomalies, which after medical investigation led to further intervention including surgery. These riders wouldn’t have known they had a problem had it not been for the technology – and in some cases may not have been picked up in time.”

Sessions at Clifton Revolution will be run by Fox instructors, these are trained far beyond industry standards; those who have previously qualified elsewhere undergo specialised ‘top-up’ training to become a Fox instructor.

Clifton Revolution is a joint venture with Clifton College and opens 1st May in Guthrie Road BS8 3EZ. Details at www.cliftonrevolution.com Come and enjoy the welcoming and encouraging community atmosphere, easy online booking, and gamified and effective sessions.

How to get your free session: * Go to www.cliftonrevolution.com and register as a new user.

* Click on the session you wish to book

* When the dialogue pops up pre-populated with your details, add FREETASTER into the promotion code field.

* Click ‘create booking’.

* You’re done! You’ll receive an email shortly confirming your booking.

See you there!


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