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Moroccan Encaustic Tiles handmade in own workshop in Marrakech.
Are you looking for new floor or wall tile to add to your home or business? For a great addition to any space, handmade Moroccan Encaustic Tiles can add a touch of class and originality to any area of your home. Created by hand in Marrakech by artisans that use the same techniques that were used for generations to create the highest quality tiles possible. From black and white tiles for a timeless look or vibrant tiles for character and charm, there are many reasons to choose our Moroccan Encaustic Tiles.

Many Styles To Choose From
Each of the Moroccan encaustic tiles that we have produced in Marrakech is delivered to our facility right here in Bristol and we offer a wide range of designs and styles to choose from to suit your specific needs. Known for their vibrant colors, our tiles can be used as a focal piece in a room or to add character and charm to your space. We also stock black and white tiles if you are looking for strong patterns that work with any design in your space.

Perfect For Many Applications
Unlike other types of tile that are created with specific application or purpose in mind, one of the best things about Moroccan Encaustic tiles is that they are able to be used in many different applications. These tiles are perfect for:
• Floor tile, even in high traffic areas.
• Kitchen areas such as countertops or backsplash.
• Bathroom walls, floors, or inside showers.
• And much more… View our selection of repeat or patchwork designs here in Clifton Village @ 11 Portland St or visit our warehouse in town (by appointment only).

we pride ourselves on first class service and customer satisfaction. we will gladly assist you with any cement tile questions or concerns you may have. please do not hesitate to contact us.

Encaustic tiles aren’t just for Middle Eastern kings anymore!

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