Bristol venue to host major lifestyle medicine conference

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EEF Venues’ Clifton conference venue, Engineers’ House, is to host the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine’s (The BSLMwww.bslm.org.uk) inaugural conference on Saturday 1st July. The conference is open to all health professionals.

The BSLM is a multidisciplinary society aiming to prevent, improve, manage and treat lifestyle-related conditions.

The conference will bring together an international line-up of world-renowned experts at the historic venue and is open to all health professionals.

Dr Rob Lawson, BSLM Trustee and Chairman, explained: “Our primary objective is to raise awareness of Lifestyle Medicine principles and provide leadership, education and support for healthcare practitioners. With so much long term disease around, as practitioners, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed and ineffectual. This Conference brings together inspirational speakers with practical solutions to 21st century healthcare problems.

“We acknowledge that there are social and environmental determinants of disease which should be addressed at national and international level so we hope that this conference will stimulate further discussion and insight on this important subject.”

Guest speakers include Prof Robert Thomas, Consultant Oncologist, who will share insight with delegates into lifestyle, nutrition and cancer. Dr Ahmed El-Sohemy, an internationally renowned expert in nutritional genomics, will explore if our genes determine what we should eat, while Dr Malcolm Kendrick author and GP, will talk about the causes of heart disease. Natural Lifestyle Educator and Movement Coach, Darryl Edwards, will share the health benefits of movement and physical activity.

Dr Rob Lawson said: “Health professionals are warmly invited to join us as part of a global movement which nurtures healthy longevity – in a fun and engaging day at Engineers’ House.”

Martyn Bowen, venue manager at Engineers’ House said: “To host such an international line-up of world-renowned experts at our historic venue is an absolute honour. Our location, parking, IT facilities and expertise continue to impact on our bookings. A warm welcome awaits all.”

To book a place at the conference see https://bslm.org.uk/event/vital-optimism/


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