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Clifton on Foot

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Clifton Village is surrounded by a number of scenic walks, some easier than others and some that are more challenging!

Clifton Downs

Clifton Village is surrounded in part by The Clifton Downs.  This historic and vast public open space is the perfect place to walk, offering spectacular views of the Avon Gorge.  Used by residents and visitors for leisure, walking and team sport, it has become a recognised and cherished area in Bristol.

Leigh Woods

 There are a number of stunning walks to be had in and around Clifton, but one that comes highly recommended (by Countryfile no less) starts at Bristol Zoo Gardens in the Villages and takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete.

Though a gruelling 7.5 miles, it’s been given a difficulty rating of ‘easy’ which should give novice and experienced ramblers alike the chance to see some of Clifton’s most iconic sites without getting completely lost!

Check out the website for the full route http://www.countryfile.com/days-out/leigh-woods-bristol

Ashton Court Loop

Start in Clifton Village by cycling over the world famous Clifton Suspension Bridge and straight over to Ashton Court Country Park. Find a quiet off-road cycle path, take in the sights and sounds of Bristol, before returning to the Village for a well-deserved drink! You can see the full route here http://tinyurl.com/ke3xyh5

Bristol Zoo to Clifton Village

People are surprised to hear that by walking along The Promenade with its avenue of trees it is only a 10 minute walk between these two destinations.

A Circular Walk around the historic heart of Clifton – see Julia Killingback and Michael Pascoe’s Explore Bristol, Explorewalks uk. Follow Julia and Michael as they take you through the ages of Clifton. – www.explorewalks.co.uk

Or join Julia and Michael on their Circular Walk around Victorian Clifton.  Seeing many historic buildings along the route, you will learn many interesting facts about the growth of Clifton and there is plenty for the children to see too, in the form of a visual quiz. – www.explorewalks.co.uk




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