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LIGHT THE NIGHT- Saturday 6th of November 4-8 PM- Birdcage Walk, Clifton

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Light the Night has been created to give friends and family an opportunity for shared remembrance of loved ones past in a place of unique calm, peace, hope and community – and takes place once a year in November.
The idea is quite simple, however the experience can be quite moving. From early evening a graveyard, cemetery or similar is filled with candles and open for anybody to drop by and walk, linger, perhaps light a candle and contemplate family and friends, past and present…the world, universe and beyond.
Although inspired by the religious traditions of All Saints Day, All Souls Day and Day of the Dead from other parts of the world, particularly Eastern Europe and South America, this simple ceremony is open to anyone of any religious or non-religious persuasion.
The first Light the Night took place November 2019 in St Paul’s, Bristol. We will host the event again in 2021 in St Paul’s, plus further locations in Bristol, Clevedon and Bangor and hope other people and places might wish to do the same.
Please click on one of our videos to gain a sense of what a Light the Night evening entails. If you are interested in hosting a Light the Night then please read further – in particular the HOW page on this website or feel free to get in touch.

F: www.facebook.com/LighttheNight

E: info@lightthenight.site

M: 07801790645

Facebook – www.facebook.com/LighttheNight
Email- info@lightthenight.site
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Honour Family & Friends Passed

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