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One Man Stranger Things

Posted by jordan keogh on 01 August 2018 Return to News & Events

Canadian actor Charles Ross single handedly recreates season one of the Netflix sensation, Stranger Things. This includes all the characters, dialogue, special effects, music and egos in one superb, upside-down show.

Charles and Tj Dawe grew up in the 80s, addicted to adventure movies. They went on to co-create a number of parody shows, including One Man Lord of the Rings which actually got the official seal of approval from Sit Ian McKellen and One Man Star Wars, which has been performed over 1200 times in more than 180 cities over four continents.

This show is not to be missed and will bring everything Stranger Things right to Clifton College. For more information, please visit www.cliftoncollege.com – tickets are £23 and the show date is 30 September 2018.