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Sight loss can be very distressing and have a big effect on your life. People can struggle with a range of emotions from shock, anger, sadness and frustration, to depression and grief.

Coping with these emotions can often be very difficult and can affect everyday activities such as reading, driving, your work and mobility. The positive news is that many of the conditions can be treated and success rates are generally high.

The South West Eye Surgeons LLP, based in the heart of Clifton, can provide just such care. All the partners are leading Consultants in their field of speciality and also practice at the prestigious Bristol Eye Hospital.

A visit to our consulting rooms at 2 Clifton Park is all about calm, relaxed attention, not cold, clinical efficiency. From a warm welcome by Reception, to a short wait in our slightly quirky waiting room, to your consultation with one of our Eye Specialists, you are sure to be put at ease and feel reassured.

If your consultation leads on to the need for surgery, the same Consultant will deal with you throughout, giving you the comfort that if you do have worries then you can talk to someone who really knows your case. We also offer a 24 hour helpline.

With NHS waiting lists stretching ever longer, the prompt, flexible service available at the South West Eye Surgeons LLp is well worth exploration.

Speak to your Optician or GP about a referral or contact us direct on 0117 906 4200.

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