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Parsons Bakery

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We are Family
That means we treat our customers and team members like they are family. We bake our bread, cakes & pastries like we would for a family meal and well, you know, there’s just a lot of good family vibes in the place. It makes all the difference.

This makes our daily decisions and actions very easy; we just focus on getting better and better as the days and years swing by. We continually invest in our lovely people & our amazing shops and we think that’s why our customers and team members tend to stick with us for a very long time. If you’ve never been into a Parsons Bakery shop, I highly recommend it. Hit our feedback link and let us know what you think as well.

Ok, the stats: we operate 50 stores over 10 different counties in the UK’s South West. We employ some 500 local people and serve over 65’000 weekly customers. We’ve traded through 2 World Wars, numerous relocations, several world recessions and major food shortages, won a trillion awards and grown up from making home deliveries by horse & cart in the early 1900’s into a modern artisan bakery that just keeps growing. I don’t think we could stop it if we tried!

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